Frommer's | What to See in Hong Kong, Off the Beaten Path

We've all heard of popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong, like the view from Victoria Peak (pictured) or Hong Kong Disneyland, but you don't always hear about the things you find away from the city streets that paint an authentic portrait of the region's culture. Don't get me wrong, everyone should see iconic Hong Kong, but I have better surprises in store. If you know where to look, there are lots of places away from the crush of the skyscrapers where you can learn about the city's unique position in the world.

CNN | Hong Kong's Jia Jia sets Guinness World Record as oldest panda

It's the day Jia Jia, a popular resident at Hong Kong's Ocean Park turned 37-years-old -- that's more than 100 in human years. To mark the occasion, she was awarded not one, but two Guinness World Record titles. The giant panda was recognized for simultaneously being the oldest panda ever in captivity and the oldest panda still living in captivity. CNN Travel