Hi! I'm Latifah Al-Hazza. I've swam with Amazonian Candiru fish in Peru and Ecuador, I've contracted Dengue fever in Puerto Rico, I've fallen on a colony of fire ants on Mt. Kilimanjaro + I've been on hotel lockdown for bomb threats in Taiwan.

I took my first international trip at four months old + have never stopped. Since then, I've lived in four countries, been to five continents + have explored 38 countries.

I started my travel career when I decided to do my high school capstone project in Tanzania. I produced a documentary about the school conditions in the country. I went on to major in journalism + was later selected to travel to Turkey for an international reporting class. I combined travel + journalism even more during graduate school by deciding to produce a documentary in Nicaragua for my master's thesis.

I've worked as an editorial assistant at CNN Travel + as a social media manager at Frommer's Travel Guides.

I am the co-founder of Femscape Sojourns, a women's boutique travel company. 

Questions people often ask me:

  • Top 5 Favorite Countries: Spain, Hong Kong, Colombia, Iceland, South Africa

  • Favorite Island: The Galapagos (Ecuador)

  • Favorite U.S. State: California

  • Favorite Foreign Foods: Ugali (Tanzania) + Khachapuri (Georgia)

  • Favorite Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

  • Dream Destinations: Cambodia + Antarctica